Aside from the regular projects below, Caro is a valued, versatile and warm collaborator across the Scottish music scene and has performed live with These Southern Lands, the Ewan Macintyre Band, Sir Tom Watton and Aurora Engine.

Machine Orchid

Formed in early 2022, Machine Orchid is an experimental music led performance collective, a three woman musical ecosystem consisting of guitarist Caro Overy (Caro Bridges), harpist Deborah Shaw (Aurora Engine) and violinist Emma Jane Lloyd. Toying with intersections of acoustic, electronic, jazz, folk and classical we create songs, sounds and improvisations about the messy connection between humanity, nature and technology.

Caro & Emma

Formed in Paris in Summer 2017, Caro & Emma is the creation of guitarist and singer Caro Bridges and violinist Emma Lloyd, bringing together their experience as solo musicians and in other groups after they met playing together in Scottish indie band The Last Battle. 

Caro draws influence from jazz and folk in her sweet and earthy voice and agile guitar playing. Emma uses her extensive experience in contemporary and classical music to bring a unique colour to the songs.

Caro Bridges & The River

Caro Bridges & The River has been the full band incarnation of Caro’s original songs since 2009. The River are a collection of friends old and new, instruments acoustic and electric, and musical genres that span indie, jazz, folk, and various other things.

The Enharmonic Collective

Since 2019, Caro writes and performs with virtuoso handpan player Milly Hoddo and guitarist Ryan Gibson in experimental jazz folk fusion group The Enharmonic Collective.

The Last Battle

The Last Battle were a Scottish indie band active from 2009 until 2015. Caro sang and played acoustic and electric guitar with them from 2013-2015, featuring on their second album ‘Lay Your Burden Down’ (2014). ‘Lay Your Burden Down’ was described as “wonderful music-making in anyone’s book” by the Scottish Herald, who placed it 29thin their top 50 albums of 2014. Our live shows were described as sounding like “a band taking on the world” (‘Is This Music?’ – 2015)