Caro Overy grew up in Norwich, the daughter of two musicians, and has lived and worked in Edinburgh since 2009. She works primarily as a choir leader and community musician. She cares about fun and healthy music making for everyone.

She is also a songwriter, composer and arranger, performing with her band Caro Bridges & The River, The Enharmonic Collective with handpan virtuoso Milly Hoddo and guitarist Ryan Gibson, and with violinist Emma Lloyd in touring duo Caro & Emma. She is part of recently formed three woman musical ecosystem Machine Orchid with Emma Lloyd and Deborah Shaw.

Aside from her work as a musician, she has worked in sustainability since 2010 and currently supports fellow creative practitioners and cultural organisations with carbon management and environmental leadership. She thrives at the intersection of culture and environment.

Who is Caro Bridges?

Since 2009, Caro has been writing and playing her own songs under the pseudonym ‘Caro Bridges’. The surname ‘Overy’ has Anglo-Saxon roots, and means ‘over the river’. Bridges go over rivers and ‘Overy’ sounds like, well, you’d do the same, and so, here we are, 10 years later, and Caro accidentally has two second names. Both get used.

Contact or 07947718790 for specific enquiries.

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